Anna Craycroft

Drawn to Repeating Patterns

Drawn to Repeating Patterns was an exhibition based on the theories of 19th century pedagogue and crystallographer Friedrich Froebel. Each work on display took as its premise that the patterns inherent to crystal development correlate to the patterns inherent to human development. Perhaps understanding these mineralogic geometries was a means to understand ourselves. The exhibition took place at Tracy Williams Ltd Gallery in NYC in 2011.

In one room oversized rope structures inscribed the skeletons of crystal structure within the architecture of the gallery. In another room translucent screens of dyed fabric overlaid geometric patterns of the crystal lattice into the windows. Furniture constructed of interlocking planes was rotated to hang on the wall and sit on the floor – illustrating the rotational symmetry of a crystal. Atop the furniture sat a set of picture books, containing an image archive that narrates the exhibitions thesis.