Anna Craycroft

Sammy Loper beginning a drawing at one of the C'mon Language drawing horse benches.

Hanging Drawings made during Matt Keegan's workshop IMAGES ARE WORDS

Practicing Ohad Meromi's FLAT DANCE with the students from Helen Gordon Child Center

Students from PNCA's Critical Theory and Creative Research MFA program lead a Laughing Yoga workshop for their event COME IF YOU DARE

C’mon Language

C’mon Language was an exhibition and residency that ran from June-September 2013 at Portland Museum for Contemporary Art. As an effort to generate a coherent vocabulary of forms over its four month run, the exhibition’s medium was a social practice.

Designed to draw out and display different means of communication, the evolving installation workshops, archives, and showcases a variety of perspectives on the common query: “How do we make ourselves understood?” Modeled after some of the core concepts in the early education pedagogy of Reggio Emilia, this open-ended question or “provocation” was explored through every component of the exhibition—events, documentation, production, display, and a publication.

Each week a contributing visitor to C’mon Language presented a workshop, lesson, performance or activity for a core group of participants. Contributors include artists, teachers, physicists, lawyers, basket weavers, psychologists, writers, composers, and performers. Namely: Richard Taylor, Dean Daderko, Ohad Meromi, the CT + CR collective, Matt Keegan, Kohel Haver, Isla Leaver-Yap, Margaret Matthewson, Lucy Raven, Claire Barliant, Gregory Anderson, Amber Gayle, Marc Handelman, AL Steiner, and Nick Hallett.


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